But this weeks prize for stupidity is still there to be claimed.

So far we have Sunak failing to sign “The US and the EU have backed an ambitious plan to build an economic corridor linking Europe with the Middle East and India via rail and sea, a project the US president, Joe Biden, described as a “really big deal”.”

MP’s told not to name those accused of spying for China. – the accused are out on bail so presumably they could not find this government doeing anything worth spying on.

DEFRA and the Env.Agency possibly being prosecuted for failing to enforce statutory water pollution controls.

Tory councils tettering on the edge of a 114 notice – RW Tories have been quiet on twitter after an attempt to slur Labour over Birmingham council 114.

Sunak commenting on the EU flag at the last night of the proms is problematic for a democracy. harvey Proctor is just a joke.

Sunak telling judges to ignore Covid fraud “as no one is interested”?

So nothing up to recent high standards of incompetence – but we have the rest of the week for some Govt.Minister to make a ridiculous statement.

Interesting that the US Congess has just passed a $500-1000 billion inflation reduction bill which will subsidise electric batteries and vehicles and green energy. Tories want to suck the last oil out of the North Sea before realising that climate change is here and it is too late.

favorite people of the week is a tie between Dale Vince, Stephen Fry amd Carol Vorderman. All doing a better job than most Labour or LibDem politicians.

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