I am renowned for not recognising celebrities, etc., actually I was also rubbish at remembering kids names when a teacher! But today several papers had a picture of the same lady on their front pages. So I had a read and found out it was someone called Kate – further investigation (dogged reporter that I am!) and I found out she is Princess of Wales – what this actually means I am not sure? Why was she on the front page of national newspapers (Well the Mail and Express and I think the Times), well obviously warranting front page coverage – the poor love had hurt her finger on a trampoline – something to do with her children, and Oh My God she had to have a plaster! Well what have the bastards done now is my immediate response to such stories in the RWM!

Pensions triple lock under threat is another headline that attracts their readers. I fully understand the need for this pension to keep pace with inflation, for many people it is their only income, But it also seems unfair on young people? But then when the government syphons off billions to its friends! I also believe we have amongst the lowest pension schemes in Europe? A conundrum – but it make a change to blame the oldies instead of youth!

Rail fares to rise by 8% – this is line with inflation but with our corrupt government – shutting ticket offices and other money saving schemes will therefore just add to the profits of the companies runnibg the shit show.

Talking of which – DEFRA -Not only facing possible legal action over allowing the shit to be pumped into our rivers and seas – it has now been revealed that that the UK government is refusing to phase out hazardous chemicals (which the EU are!), DEFRA issued a statement which basically went – “We are very strict but talk absolute bullshit – if you can make a profit you can fuck the environment”.

Does anyone know a cure for Menhirs Disease – it pisses me off!

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