Some will wonder why I have not commented on the Moroccan Earthquake, Libyan floods and other tragic climate related events. Well they happen! The earthquake in Morocco was not particularly predictable – the African/European plate boundary is not very active! There was a tsunami that hit Lisbon in 14?? . The Libyan event is probably related to climate change in the Mediterranean region – it is between 2 continents and therefore could be seen to have an inter-zonal climate which is more susceptible to the changes wrought by our mighty petro=chemical corporations withnthe support of RW governments.

Earthquakes happen most often in the northern hemisphere in winter so perhaps North America should watch out this winter? Global warming will affect average temperatures, the amout of snow/ice, Arctic and Antarctic ice sheet will change. The ice on Antarctica and Greenland will affect sea level. Many societies in Asia and S.America rely on glaciers for water supply. Climate change will impact on millions more people. In the UK we have a brilliant geographical position being at the meeting of Atlantic/Continental, North/South to give us an equable climate. This may change over the next few years (not decades or centuries which I was brought up to believe).

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