Sajid Javid tests positive; so all who were in close proximity to him need to weld isolate under government rules. With lockdown chaos day tomorrow, now, more than ever, we. need clear action by Ministers. But what do we get? Normal dithering and whilst they try to work out which lies they can most likely get away with.

Patel make claim for this weeks worst Minister prize. Lying to parliament about consultations with the Police Federation which they deny. Lying seems to be competing with incompetence as the most necessary attribute for Government Positions. Williamson missing in inaction – schools exasperated by lack of guidance with over 800000 self isolating last week – it seems all responsibility for anything has been passed to schools. he is probably now drafting statements blaming schools and teachers for the exam result debacle next month. France was removed from the list freeing people from quarantine restrictions on return. It was said to be due to the prevalence of the Beta variant – Johnson (former foreign secretary) obviously did not know that under the French Constitution Reunion and Mayotte in the Indian Ocean are deemed to be part of France by their government. And the Foreign Aid cut goes through to appease the populist bigots on the right of the nasty party.

The government is continuing with its plan to increase the UK’s nuclear arsenal by 40% – that will make us all sleep better tonight! Oh how I hate tories!

The police continue to try and get in on the act. Violence and dishonesty at the Met’s main training centre at Hendon (Is this why Dick got a gong?) Police raid a 12 year old to ensure she is self-isolating; Police in Bristol raid a 21 year old with 4 male officers and handcuff her wearing not a lot for 20 minutes despite it obviously being the wrong person – ad no reprimand for any of them.

Oh, and masks reduce infection rates by between 10-25%.

A reminder that Richard Branson pays no UK tax and has sued the NHS for £200 million. Nice bloke!

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