He regrets but will not call a public inquiry. Why? Too much dirty washing to be revealed?

Ignoring scientific evidence on a major scale, mask denial, his own Covid denial at the start, the lack of preparedness of the NHS despite warnings, lack of PPE, dodgy contract arrangements, mixed messaging and lack of clarity throughout, lack of quarantine until too late, farce that is test and track, Cummings, eat out scheme, opening schools and especially universities in September/October, the list is endless. For sure some things were probably as good, or even better than expected (the furlough scheme and financial support seems to have been successful so far). Vaccination has been a huge success, although whether this was driven by capitalism and greed is plainly a comment by someone who has had too much brandy? I am sure someone will have trashed this comment much more succinctly than I could. But for the record, what about the thousands of volunteers at vaccination places (presumably not motivated by greed or capitalism), I am sure many companies are motivated by capitalism and greed (that is fundamental to their existence) but the scientists working on vaccines are, in general, not. I guess he must have been talking about the cabinet and their cronies.

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