Parliament is located in Tier 4 – no travel in or out? If there is a Brexit agreement it will need to be voted on by Parliament. Err ‘Houston we have a problem’ situation? The Houses of Parliament are a potential fire hazard. It would seem to be a no brainer to use this current crisis for a bit of sensible geography/econmomics.

Relocation to the Midlands/.North would seem obvious. Using a dedicated (non-hackable? zoom type link surely most debates could be done on line. I guess face to face meetings will be needed sometimes, but surely not all the time. Savings on expenses could be huge.

Wentworth Woodhouse would seem like a grand location with 250.000 sq.ft of rooms it is similar in size to HoP. But if not a new bespoke building would seem sensible. Jobs created in building, transport links and the add ons.

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