Not one employer has been prosecuted for abusing the rules regarding their workers despite large numbers of people complaining. A radio phone in had an employer who said he had actually had to fire workers for refusing to wear masks – he reckoned it was construction workers (something that corresponds to the number of people refusing to wear a mask in the local shop). 20-35 years old and fit, so why should they care? Obviously they have become desensitised to empathy and care for others. That is a little unkind, but there does seem to be a dichotomy between the selfishness of the individual and the welfare of the whole of society.

It almost seems that there is a compelling magnetic force impelling young single adults to go and mix. Can we have a David Attenborough sound track showing these frustrated humans breaking the rules (as they have done for centuries), and head for an area where they can congregate.

So there are not really any rules at the moment despite what the government says. Stay of work if you can (and your employer allowes), don’t go out unless you have to, etc. I am all in favour of collective responsibility, but when this has been abused by those in power themselves, there comes a time when enforcement is needed. There can be no end to lock/mock down until the infection rates fall to single figures per 100000 and test and trace is used to ensure isolation in these cases (properly funded by the government). At present this seems unlikely unless we have enforcement of restrictions, and a ban on travel (i.e. 5 miles unless a permit is obtained -or a bigger limit in rural areas).

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