MR JOHNSON IS A **** (why does clown have 5 letters?)

The moment he had been waiting for. Forget this Covid-19 distraction. Brexit he could wax lyrical about, and it would be at least 3 months before his bullshit is found out! With 95% of business people declaring that the economy would dive with a no-deal Brexit, everything was fitting into place. The drop in the economy would be hidden by Covid-19 impacts and mesmeric speeches about freedom and opportunities would rule – right? He could become popular again (if he had not been sacked by his own party by then). Maybe he could organise a shut down to end on Dec 31 and thus extol his brilliance. Maybe Dom could organise, and have a word with the people at the Met Office – snow over xmas and melting for the new year would be great, oh, and then a freeze so pictures of thousands of lorries in Kent could be blamed on the weather.

Just thinking – where would British politicians like Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg, etc. go into exile? USA under Trump, maybe Australia but they are still too democratic, I reckon China. No silly, they could dos with Branson in the Caribbean!

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