I think I need to explain! Starting at the front 2 raised beds with logs Martin provided. The right hand one has sage, rosemary and thyme and a little oregano and a fennel. The sage had a wobbly and 50% died off but it seems to have recovered. I have put in a couple of rosemary plants beteween it and the road. Various bulbs have been planted withlimited success. The other raised bed is bit of a ‘mess’! But I love the surprises it throws up – it has a nice clump of oregano, a lovage that tries to take over, chickory and evening primrose, escaped mint! Californian poppies and wallflowers occasionally get a look in over the buttercups. There is lavender on the corner with ??

Behind these beds there is a thriving ‘hot lips’, a lavender, 3 mulberry trees which have not produced but are 6 years old! various other plants have been put in with little success – but I keep trying. Then there are 3 rose bushes, one of which is thriving magnificently, 2 others are less brilliant but are maybe bidding their time. i have a few other plants that are doing ok and a cranberry which loves thje wet weather this year! Also some others which were here when I arrived but do not know the names. Oh and a summer jasmine that needs a trellis, and the bluebells that are long gone.

In the back garden there is the apple tree – looks good this year despite my attack last year!, a new apricot, raspberries that are spreading. A vine which has survived my neglect, a mini kiwi which battles with the blackberries, the wisteria and honeysuckle need cutting back, and I am in a quandary about the stinging nettles and thistles – I think I ought to treasure them.the black elder needs constant cutting back and the rose that protects the back gate is also rampant. The fuchsia is ok after a major cut back!

Hanging baskets are lovely this year – I am not sure what I bought – but they have been brilliant.

Then the pots – 20+ mints have done ok – Corsican mint good this year, but thymes have struggled – camomile has been ok, should I plant it out?

60 plants indoors are all doing ok!

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