John Bercow joining Labour says a lot for how both major parties have shifted right. I leave it there.

Eton college is selling off 500 acres of farmland for a new town development. Conservationists are angry at the damage to a trout river. Personally I think that people are beginning to care less about national politics and the associated fiscal policies, and more about their local environments. The recent by-election probably mirrors this. I would guess that if you ask most people what concerns them most (after Covid) is issues related to new housing, traffic, pollution.

With Brexit we will see rising prices, labour shortages on farms, dodgy deals being done on agricultural imports; Northern Ireland will increasingly become radicalised. In fact the lies about Brexit will come home to roost. Why was Cameron so pathetic in his negotiations with. the EU. Leaving will be seen as the biggest economic and social disaster of the last 70 years. Obviously the EU has many flaws, but from the inside we could have helped solve them, or some of them. No one would call our government faultless, or particularly democratic – the Brexit vote was a marginal one, but the views of those who voted against, or abstained, are totally ignored.

You can paint a zebra blue, but it is still a zebra! Those who voted for the nasty party in the north will soon find out that ‘levelling up’ is vacuous nonsense when it comes to government policies. We are already seeing plans to undo EU restrictions on steel imports relaxed in the name of free trade. 75000 jobs are at risk as the government pursues an ideologically driven agenda. Again a logical intervention would be to ensure that all UK Infrastructure Projects have to prioritise British Steel. I say prioritise, rather than a more forceful word, as it is highly probable that the government would hand out contracts without due process!

Anti-tax campaigners have 25000 followers on YouTube, so take it down? Will the police monitor these people? Their photos are available after recent demonstrations. If they are peddling racist and anti-Semitic, etc. Nonsense, arrest them. It is not difficult, unless the police and armed forces support them? A thought, as our armed forces are diminished in size, will it become easier for infiltration by radical groups? I am being elitist when I say that many of the recruits to the armed forces are doing so because they are not the cleverest in the class (Obviously not true of all armed forces personnel), and yes, I do appreciate what they have sacrificed over the past years (even if under misguided Governments from Thatcher onwards). Also why doesn’t the wage and numbers of top knobs decease as the numbers decrease? But a positive note, I have not seen any examples of anything other than perfect policing at the recent G7 in Cornwall.

Daniel Morgan cover up. This is extremely worrying about the Metropolitan Police. Why has the government not acted decisively (Oh because it does not want to). Cressida Dick might be a nice person but covering up police malpractice is not her job. She should resign immediately for not supporting further investigations. Oh the Home Office is very quiet on this. It seems obvious that the police were corrupt – it was common knowledge and not a big deal to me as a teenager – just one of those things, like Thatcher destroying the Trade Unions. I did not like it, but it was what it was. No organisation of size and importance likes being examined for corruption. But if it is necessary, it needs to be done, and quickly (in initiation) and impartially. Patel continues to spout government lies about “good progress in UK law enforcement to preset corruption”.

Afghanistan – Ethiopia – Myanmir All need separate analysis. Oh and then China, Russia, USA.

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