I love them. Better than satnav. You can see what is nearby and deviate from a boring M or A road. I am not sure villagers would agree but whatever.

Oh, Alexander Johnson has announced a reasonably sensible road map – he almost sounded like a grown up! I am sure there will be hiccups on the way but slow approach is surely the correct one to avoid further lockdowns (not that people take much notice round here! – although people are being generally careful).

I just heard of 3 other people who had reactions to the Oxford vaccine. Enough for them to go home sick from their workplace. I hope this does not put people off. Good link to Covax

People flocking to book holidays – I wonder how many are really aware of the risks? Maybe not health ones although variants could cause problems. But quarantine on return if the country they visit has not vaccinated as much as us (huge expense), and what will be open at the destination? Night clubs would seem to be shut across Western Europe. Netherlands, Spain and Italy (amongst others) all have a higher incidence of the virus than us at present.

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