Forget the “Heat bomb” in Mediterranean Europe, it is the unprecedented sea temperatures that are of the greatest concern together with the lowest amount of Antarctic sea ice ever recorded. Whilst I am super critical of this government for just about everything, Starmer’s Labour Party is looking to be no better when it comes to climate change. Starmer talks about economic growth at every opportunity. Even with greater emphasis on green investment ‘Growth’ equals more CO2 and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Surely a Labour Party should be talking about greater social equity? There is enough wealth in society for everyone to be more than comfortable. Public sector pay should be pegged to a multiple of the basic wage in the sector – the arguement that Council leaders are responsible for a multi million 3 business does not hold up when most of the expenditure has been sub-contracted. How many in the health service earn more than the PM? University leaders are on ridiculous money. Of they are that good let them move to the private sector and increase efficiency there! Increase in applicants in the private sector should also reduce top wages?

Could Labour also reduce the tax allowance on share dealing? A ‘Robin Hood Tax’ on transactions in the city would also help public sectors.

Elon Musk entering the electricty generation market and Dale Vince starting an airline – both could disrupt the status quo for the sectors involved to the benfit of the environment

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