Pots prepped ready for seeds tomorrow – I am writing labels out for each pot this year! Long pots will be field flowers, night scented stock, Californian poppy. Sweet peas I have not decided yet, or the sunflowers – I think individual pots – maybe right under the kitchen window – once they are 10cm big? If they came up between the hanging baskets that would be great!

Ok so I have planted 5 pots of each type of seed, then I can either split them and pot them individually, or plant some more if they do not germinate. Sunflowers need to go straight into pot to be used so I need to think about that? Maybe a green trough would do for 4 plants.

I seem a bit addicted as I rather fancy some Peruvian lilies and some phlox? But I guess it is best to wait and see what comes up? Patio can have a pot of night scented stock and some Californian Poppies.

I just checked and I seem to have enough plants for night-time moths – I will check later.

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