The Covid Inquiry is revealing the expected chaos and incompetence; individuals failing to see past their own egos and agendas. The Inquiry will document these in full. What is of greater concern is the failure of the system.

Westminster is being shown as a misogynist unrepresentative cohort of egos. This is true of both the politicians and the cicil servants. It seems that advice was sought and dismissed in an ad hoc manner. Meetings were too large and populated with more concern for status that effectiveness, Johnson was riven by delusions of grandeur and a desire to be a Churchillian figurehead. There appears to have been no real leadership. many have talked about the reactive nature of this government in many areas and for a long time. This continues to be true. The way in which key figures are moved around is reflective of this lack of leadership and competence. It now appears that the Civil Service is not capable of countering this merry-go-round. Diversity of politicans was culled by Brexit. Civil servants appear to be even more uniform in their white, male, middle aged, middle/upper class profile.

So Labour must learn from this if it is going to successfully navigate the crises that will inevitably occur in the future (assuming it wins the next GE!). Starmer is showing signs of falling for the subservient cabinet fallacy. A truly great leader would have a variety of views which creates a wide ranging discussion, but also reslults in Cabinet Responsibility. His retention of

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