Firstly I love the idea of nibbles. So a book of tapas and these are the ones I will make.

lamb with lemon, garlic prawns, spicy moorish kebabs, meat balls in tomato sauce, Catalan chick pea salad, chicken with garlic, potatoes in tomato sauce, stuffed mushrooms and peppers, aubergine cheese fritters, spinach, pine nuts and raisins.

Roasted almonds with paprika, picos breadsticks, anchovy stuffed eggs, chorizo and tomato loaf, fennel and citrus pork belly, chorizo in red wine, romensco chicken wings, paprika chicken wings and garlic, moorish skewers, ham croquettes, spinach, tomato and egg tarts, ricotta and red onion tortilla, garlic potatoes, potatoes with spicy tomato sauce.

I think I am drooling at the moment.

Now looking up recipes for okra – roasting seems a good choice?

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