Williamson has effectively shifted the blame for incidents such as the shooting in Plymouth recently onto teachers. In Scotland teachers will get training to do this, not in England though.

Finally awake Williamson has agreed to provide 300.000 Carbon Monoxide monitors for classrooms across the country – with schools going back soon this would seem to be rather late. Also it would be good to know what the contingency plans are if the monitors show inadequate ventilation? But no rush as the monitors will not be in all schools until next year.

I love the Guardian – again – a recent investigation has shown that whilst swearing is down 27%, males still swear more than women and ‘bloody’ has dropped from 1st to 3rd place being replaced at the top by ‘fuck’ and then ‘shit’. Followed by bollocks; piss off; bastard; twat; and arsehole. The c word was 12th! Whilst there is firmly a place for the expletive, In. rather like the prosaic insults such as ‘may the fleas from a thousand camels infest your crutch’!

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