Always dangerous! It seems to me that the tories have trashed our communities. They are quick to say that they have put money into this and that, but by the time the corporations and their mates have had their slice there is little left. Corporations are moving into child care – this has to be wrong! Maybe a voucher scheme would work? The Tories took education away from the local communities (councils) and are now paying 6 figure sums to CEO’s of “trusts”. Was it not better to have heads supported by the local council? Now there seems to be little support – just directives and evaluation. Local parks are lacking maintenance, care homes are rip off factories. New homes are built without any concern for community support and areas. I think it was Totnes that introduced its own currency a while back. Perhaps there needs to be more of this. Perhaps a “Trust the” like public servive sites on social media?

HS2 is a case of the corporate mis management of the UK. If they had done a customer survey before allocating ridiculous amounts of money – how many would have voted for £100 billion to be able to get between London and Birmingham 30 minnutes quicker? The same is true for the Stonehenge tunnel. If people are slowing down for a look (and I admit I may have done in the past) – plant some fucking trees so it cannot be seen – and then arrange an environmentally friendly visitor centre with free parking (OH so much cheaper than the £2.4 million latest estimate). Perhaps we could even give it back to the Welsh from whom it was stolen!

Can we return local facilities to local communities please. I am sure there will be cop ups from both those on the left and right, but they will be our con ups and we will be able to vote to correct them.

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