How long will the union of the UK last? If the control freaks in Westminster have a say it will probably not be that long. Tories are already saying that devolution was an awful mistake.

Of course separation for many parts of the union of the UK would be a mistake and impractical. Northern Ireland is apparently nearing 45% favouring union with Dublin. Whist the Protestants will hate it, it does seem to make total sense, as long as religious freedom is allowed.

Scotland is teetering on the brink – ignorance of the current government will possibly force a division. In my view this does not make sense. Surely a more federal arrangement could be developed. Wales is a similar situation. Both have provided the raw materials that have enabled the UK to become so wealthy. However with Wales being half the population of London it already seems to have too much bureaucracy. However with technology the bureaucracy should be able to be reduced, although the physical geography needs specific knowledge.

And then Cornwall! Well it is being exploited something rotten at the moment. Since Brexit (which the ejits voted for!) and now Covid-19 the situation has got worse. My solution would be to impose a ‘bedroom tax’ on properties not fully occupied by the owner (300 days a year). Say £10 per room per night. Someone with a 2 bedroom flat would therefore have to pay £6.000 per year which they could charge to visitors. Initially there would be whinging, but successful and viable holiday lets would be ok, and those who were just hoping to make a quick buck will suffer. It could mean more houses back on the market. I think some cities charge a fee like this, but probably not on the room rather than the visitor.

Would this, and it could be applied to lots of other areas, affect tourism numbers? Possibly, but £10 a night or even double is small change next to current fees being charged. So the home owner would have to take a smaller profit, and as they are probably from outside the area, no problem.

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