Against my basic instinct of the freedom of the individual I think there is a duty for all citizens to do so. I have discussed this with a friend but my view has modified. We all have a duty to keep each other safe. I am concerned at the governments lazier fair attitude, mixing the 2 injections surely cannot be sensible, given that certain tests have still not been completed.

And why is the government not preparing to administer the vaccine much faster? I know the supplies are not there yet, but pharmacists have said they could inoculate 1.3 million per week. And I am aware of shortages of glass vials and needles – but fail to believe these cannot be solved in weeks.

And the government says it will encourage more fines for non-compliance with laws – will they empower more people to administer fines. Locally there are still people not wearing a mask in the shop – I do not expect the police to be outside all the time, but an intelligent timing of an infrequent visit would probably have the desired effect of ensuring compliance.


Winnie the Pooh would have more idea of what to do than the DofE! My view. There are certain standards needed by employers regarding Maths and English. Therefore a basic levels certificate needs to be available. Whether this is by a shortish test in the summer, or by teacher assessment (I prefer the former), could be decided. A Levels could be reduced to one exam per subject. As numbers are lower an exam could still take place. Surely a skills based exam could be devised that identified ability rather than memory or coaching!

But why has there not been a plan B being developed for months? Is Williamson actually a dormouse?

Makes me think of the government as animals. Williamson a dormouse, Gove a short-eared owl (looks more intelligent than he is), Johnson a cuckoo (leaves others to do the real work whilst sounding good!), doormat Hancock is like a sad looking dog who gets blamed for everything maybe Eeyore? Priti Patel a hyena living on the bones of the less fortunate – spiteful. Other suggestions welcome.

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