I find the weather fascinating – some interesting phenomena include the following -look for pictures on YouTube.

St.Elmo’s Fire – Elmo’s fire is sometimes observed at night from the tops of ships’ masts when electrified clouds are overhead. The mast appears to be on fire but does not burn. StElmo’s‘ fire tends to occur toward the end of a thunderstorm.

Haboob – Giant walls of dust that form in desert areas in front of a thunderstorm cell. They are created by downward thrusts of cold air inside the storm cell, which blows sand and dust outward. These events can be seen in places such as the Sahara Desert and southwestern United States.

Broken Spectre – A Brocken spectre, also called Brocken bow or mountain spectre, is the magnified shadow of an observer cast upon clouds opposite the Sun’s direction.

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