The second wave has been predicted sinceJune, been happening since the start of October. And still there is no clear message from the government. Apart from stay at home unless you have to go out, work from home unless you have to go to work. Hey you incompetent excuse for a human being – yes you Johnson – stop spending hours making your hair look like a mess and get a grip.

Your first job should be to emphasise the horrific nature of this virus and the number of deaths and the impact on the NHS. Secondly a strategy for dealing with it, not reactive rumblings that would embarrass a 14 year old, but a proactive policy.

Some suggestions. Shut schools early for xmas. 2 more weeks, but cut Easter and summer holidays. Possibly staggered across the country. teaching unions will complain, but I am sure a deal could be reached. Bars to be shut until further notice. Restaurants with enough space and proper arrangements could stay open with reduced hours/numbers. Quarantine all from flights abroad, all lorry drivers to be tested on arrival back in uk (should not be a problem as they will be spending days waiting to get on ferries etc.). There lots of spy cameras around, especially on major routes. Everybody with a car has to register to confirm address and then not allowed to travel outside a certain area/radius. And omg that is total government control – there should be both parliamentary approval and an automatic cessation of rules once stats come down. This would need to be passed into law by parliament who would add necessary provisos.

Oh and M.P.’s taking a pay cut, and maybe moving Parliament to Wentworth House. It is big enough, M.P.’s also need to adapt how they work – video calls etc. A compulsory purchase order would be interesting as I would expect the cost to come in close to £1 billion. But with 365 rooms and huge outbuildings and stables it could house Parliament no problem.

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