There appears to be a massive decline in our insects which will have a catastrophic impact on life on Earth. Are we being too tidy?

Whilst I understand the impact of agribusiness on the countryside I cannot believe that that alone is responsible. In particular I have noticed fewer flies and wasps around my house in the last couple of years. It made me think about the food recycling boxes we now have, with the contents then being incinerated or whatever. In the past they would have gone in a dustbin, and even if in plastic bags these often split, and were then dumped in landfill.

Now with great efficiency disposal is insect free. I do not want to attract rats, so what to do? Entomologists please advise.

I remember Chris Baines stating that the attraction of the Severn Estuary to wading birds was the invertebrates which lived on the sewage deposited by rivers from both animals and humans!

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