Christmas Quiz – part 1

1. OS maps show height above sea level – where is the base line for this in the UK?

2. Where can you see the QE2 liner?

3. Where is the centre of London – as used for mile posts in the past?

4. Who, based on Ely, led a rebellion against William the Conquerer?

5. Who invented the horse drawn seed drill in 1700, and whose name became well known in the 1970/80’s?

6. Her picture is probably one of the most seen photographs of 2020, in every news paper repeatedly – What is the name of the girl Prince Andrew is accused of ‘meeting’?

7. In what year was NASA formed?

8. The 1980s model had no indicator for either the headlights or turn signals, no fuel gauge, no rear seat belts, no external fuel door, and drivers had to pour a mix of gasoline and oil directly under the bonnet/hood. It sold over 3 million models.

9. Where would you be to see a broken spectre?

10.    A question which is difficult but given the genius of the discoverer he name should be well know.  Which Greek clever person calculated the circumference of earth in the 3rd century BCE?

11. In which country is the Duke of Edinburgh seen as a divine being?  This is not a joke at any level!

12. What country is this?  17th largest by population and area; they drive on the right, most popular sport is football, and highest point is 5610m asl.  

13. If you look at a magnetic compass; north is actually which direction?

14. What are the names of the 4 families which have provided more than one POTUS?

15. What is Bob Dylans highest selling single?

16. What is the top selling vinyl record of the last decade?  I can also do top 3 if needed?

17. What order comprises of 30% of all known life forms?

18. Who has given more than $4billion to charity in the last 4 months?

19. Where can you see the Mappa Mundi, the largest map of the medieval world known to exist?

20. Which American state has an Union Jack on its flag?

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