Why are the ejits who run Education (if only) surprised that there are predictions for a surge in Covid numbers. After all it is the government who made the fatal decision to reduce restrictions over Christmas. They also have had access to data about growing infection rates amongst school students. I am fed up with people saying that this unprecedented pandemic is throwing curve balls. Yes it was unprecedented and there is some leeway in excusing incompetence back in March/April. However the last 6 months have produced a litany of bad decisions whose consequences should have been foreseen.

So teachers have to prepare lessons for remote learning, to teach those exam classes that are in school together with those vulnerable children. And organise testing. Even if the Army or volunteers are roped in to help, it is still the school that has to organise it. And they will probably give a contract to Serco to provide the tests! I am not sure I would want a random stranger poking things up my Childs nose and throat! The tests are also not particularly effective, some say it is better than nothing; but it might give false results, a negative test might give false confidence, and the accuracy is said to be about 50% Will they all be verified – which normally takes a while. On a phone in I heard someone complaining about left wing union snowflakes whom should just get on with helping the nation in this pandemic – my response would be that maybe all lorries should have loads of 100 tonnes?

But perhaps more than anything I would ask Mr Williamson and his sidekick Gibbs, why this was not planned for during the summer? This WAS predicted.

So a prediction. There will be a surge in January and some schools will be shut in some areas. This will result in discussions about exams in England. Someone will have a bright idea that test, track and then isolate could work really well if administered via a school. And proper testing of those who need it rather than a politically motivated mass testing. Are Cornwall, Isle of Wight, etc. also included?

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