The current arguments that that they should be pleased to have a roof over their heads whilst thousands sleep on the streets of the UK is plain wrong. Homeless on the streets is due to government policy. The fact that the government takes so long to process asylum seekers is their policy, as is the denial of their right to work. Surely there are many employers who would happily register for these workers. processing those with legitimate claims should not be taking months. But it is a government policy to keep them in the news as they perceive it as a vote winner. They talk about costs but do not care about that as long as they can claim the votes of the bigoted.

MP’s have not signed up to a second/third jobs charter despite the total amount being earned is nearly £10 million (nearly half by Johnson). Attendance rates are low for some – non-existent for others (Dorries and the Dorset QC bloke? ). Attendance at the local surgeries should be compulsory with normal employment rules. They are rewarded with good remuneration and enhanced career prospects if that is what they desire.

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