I will not apologise for my reference to the Holocaust here. What the Government are doing in mind washing swaths of the British Public into believing that it is justifiable and correct to incarcerate innocent people fleeing from terror in a prison ship or even sending them to Ascension Island. This is what the Nazi’s did to the German Public – they convinced them that Jews were evil. Whilst the scale and scope of the Nazi death machine was much worse, the ethics and methods seem very similar. And the British Public watched – with many applauding. This is horrific. If it was the criminal gangs behind the migrants it would still be hard to justify. Can I ask the question – how many of these gang leaders have they caught, which banks service their loot?

Itvalso seems that Starmer is being coerced into a situation where he will find it very difficult to extricate himself from – the economy is being shredded, contracts drawn up. If he had guts he would state publicly that the new government will not find new contracts to be legally binding in certain circumstances like prison barges, Rwanda, Ascension Island, the HoL, etc.

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