Sleepy Joe maybe old, and look like he is dozing off at times, but he certainly gets things done. The US economy is coming out of a world economic downturn faster than Europe and China (which seems to be going backwards). His Inflation Reduction Bill is ready to put in excess of $350 billion into green economic infrastructure. Why does our government not recognise that investment in wind farms and elctric cars is not inflationary. Just like investments in health and education they increase productivity and the quality of life and the environment.

I suppose this government is screwed as it lost tens of billions on dodgy PPE deals with mates during Covid, then little Lizzie Truss spaffed another £45 billion in her 49 day time in the PM’s Office (which makes Johnsons horrendous refurbishment of Downing Street look like a bargain – albeit from Wilko’s).

Back to Biden – he has done a deal to release prisoners from Iran – a double exchange and bankrolled by £6billion of money that was Iran’s anyway! He is quietly doing things his way – no rebel rousing speeches like Trump.

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