BREXIT – Labour policy

Labour should abstain from the vote. They did not make the deal, and were not included in any discussions. It is Johnsons deal, he wanted the glory for himself, let him deal with it. I can understand why some labour MP’s in remain areas might want to back it, it is probably better than no deal; and they do not wish to be seen as not backing Brexit.

But I say let the Nasty Party argue with itself. Personally I am a bit relieved that we have a deal, but its not in my name! The toffs from Eton et al have their prey, lets watch them squabble over the diminishing bones. I always thought that the Nasty Party was about dividing up a bigger cake so the working class would be relatively better off than a smaller cake divide on more socialist terms. How does this argument work with a cake that is diminishing, and the toffs are doing their upmost to avoid taxation!

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