COVID -2020 – Education

Understanding is difficult. The bozo’s have imposed Tier 4 on over half the country (so far), so you cannot be in a room with more than one family member, but a teacher can spend all day in rooms with tens or hundreds of children. Many teachers are older or with other medical problems which make them vulnerable. But Gove says they must go to work – who does he thing he is General Haig? And this new variant does not seem to be less dangerous given the increase in deaths.

Yes there are huge mental and educational issues – unfortunately The DofE have no ability whatsoever! They have had nearly a year to come up with new exams and qualifications, but have come up with nothing. I have ideas, but a full debate should have been started months ago. The present system has been rubbish for years. But I guess the privileged in their private schools are protecting the status quo.

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