The Mail on Saturday accused the Labour Party of having a secret policy to tax car transport by the mile or even km! They really are treating the motoring public as morons! By taxing petrol/deisel the motoring public are already beingg taxed per m/km. A fact that motor companies use to advertise the more efficient cars.

The government is already losing income on E.V.s which avoid road tax (£7billion)and fuel tax (£26.7 billion). So a £33 billion shortfall income and the roads need repair and improvement – so a better way than charging per m/km? This would be fair and acceptable to all – except the Daily Mail which is trying its hardest to agitate its motorist readers against Labour and especially Khan.

Places such as rural areas like Cornwall may need some amendments to a pay by the m/km scheme. Could it be like income tax? The more you travel, the more you pay? With registered companies allowed to offset the cost against tax?

Every town should have airport style buses from Park and Ride sites at a cost of £1 plus the parking. City centres could be totally car free and be regenerated into great places to gather, have a coffee/meal do a bit of shopping and exist in a quiet’ish and pollution free environment. Smaller towns have parking near enough to walk. Even taxi’s should only be allowed around the perimeter. Whether this is a decent plan, I have no idea, but something needs to change in our use of city centres and the car.

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