It is hard not to be pessimistic in the light of scientific consensus. Ocean temperatures are at a record level, CO2 in the atmosphere has exceeded levels considered to be safe. Crazy weather events around the world are becoming more common. Yet the political and industrial leaders continue to advocate the burning of fossil fuels – how bad does it have to get before action is taken. If the Gulf Stream falters the UK will be setting records for low temperatures in winter and highs in summer. El NINO is on its way in the Pacific and is likely to result in more extreme weather events.

Meanwhile in the UK the Conservative Party is undoing green policies daily, they have committed to a campaign against Labour whereby they claim that Labour is waging war on motorists. For too long the car reigned supreme in our cities. Housing areas became rat runs for motorists and polluted our children. During Covid traffic calming schemes were introduced in many areas. The gxvernmentwants to undo these improvements to the standard of living and support and encourage the vandals who destroy bollards. As already stated in previous posts – charging by the m/km is entirely sensible. The ULEZ scheme is just a sticking plaster – fundamental change in our use of cars and transport generally is needed.

The disruption to air travel caused by the IT fault showed us how ridiculous the travel industry has become. Fuel is not taxed and air travel has become a right rather than a privilege to be used with circumspection.

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