Firstly some basic economics. This country is wealthy enough for everyone to have a good basic standard of living. So Rishi Sunak and the daily Telegraph can stop the whinge about the cost of climate measures now. Redistribute the wealth of this country more fairly and job done. The Daily Star is being even more ridiculous than normal in complaining that our summer is not the hottest so far, by showing a picture of rain – durhh they are different.

Excellent explanation of changes likely in our weather on the radio today. We will still have hot and cold spells, wet and dry spells, windy and snowy spells, but when they occur they are likely to be more extreme. Hence the horrendous fires in Greece, Turkey, and the ongoing Dixie fire which has consumed 676sq.m so far – an area bigger than Pembrokeshire in California. The floods in Germany and China, Drought in North Korea. And we have had our little floods too, not so little for those who have had to suffer them London and elsewhere.

And then there is sea level rise – like all future predictions there are unknowns – maybe there will be more snow thus countering ice melt? But general figures are for about a metre in the next 30 years. If only it was that simple – add one metre to the waves topping sea defences on stormy days at present and we have catastrophes in the making.

I guess there are 3 types of attitudes to climate change. 1. We need to act now, even if it costs. 2. We need to act but …, my car, … my holiday, …. mememe. and 3. I do not believe in climate changeling caused by humans, and certainly not me – I would like to be rich enough to provide a home on the outlying islands of Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kiribati or the Maldives, but then deny them wifi! (I would rescue them in the end – maybe).

Trump has said that the fires are down to forest management – and is not wrong for once. However his 4 years in office did nothing to change this, and a century in the making, it seems that climate change may have played a good part.

Erdogan in Turkey is getting uppity about criticisms regarding the fires. Well bozo, maybe handing out tea bags was not such a bright idea! But what is it with you overinflated cocks that you cannot see a crisis, acknowledge any failings and then do something positive rather than arresting critics!

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