These Olympics have been all about the women for a change. Elaine Thompson Herah; Sifan Hassan; Allyson Felix; Bethany Shriever; Sky Brown; Charlotte Worthington; Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre; Katie Archibald and Laura Kenny; and Lauren Price have made this a games where women and men are on equal terms. Joint events in swimming and triathlon were brilliant. Yes some of the men did ok! Karsten Warholm might be the new male Usain Bolt in promoting athletics. Tom Daley finally won a very deserved gold (and bronze). All our boxers and fighters were outstanding. Cycling again came up with the medals, but so too BMX, skateboarding, sailing. The only down sides were rowing and to somme extent athletics where the men particularly lacked a stand out moment whilst Laura Muir, Keely Hodginson and Holly Bradshaw were outstanding.

But I think it is fair to say that the stand out moments of these olympics have, more often than not involved women.

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