To what extent are we, in the UK, complicit in the massacre of innocents being undertaken by Israel? I am not religious but respectbthe right of others to believe in whatever mumbo-jumbo they like. However when a country embarks on an act of cruelty and genocide surely we should be exerting whatever influence we have to bring about a cessation. The acts that Hamas executed were horrendous and cannot be condoned, howver it is disingenious to believe that they should be considered in isolation from history – even recent history. Recently 3 Israelis were killed in an attack in Jerusalem – they were in all probabliity innocent victims, just like the thousands of Gazan residents slaughtered by the Isreali military machine. This slaughter will ensure that no Israeli can ever be consired safe, nor in all probability any Jewish person, wherever in the world. The killing must stop, and then negotiations that could lead to peaceful co-existance.

The Daily Mail leads with an attempt to create outrage at Muslim children who may have joined peace marches during school time (where these school time peace marches are taking place I am not aware of! No doubt we will be implored to support Sunak as he tries to take us out of international treaties that protect our rights as world citizens. Is it a concerted plot by the right wing zealots to undermine the basic tennants that hold our society together. They should beware that the wealth, which hey covert so dearly, is not examined too carefully. The gated mansions that guarantee them seclusion from the teeming masses of society can dissolve like an early morning mist. In this country we have for too long been enamoured by the ruling classes. Perpetuation a myth of sovereignty since Norman times, those with off shore tax avoidance schemes should beware!

The Covid Inquiry is interesting, but with no sanctions at its disposal, little more than that. The Great Liar is taking the oath next week – surely an oxymoron? He will admit to mistakes but claim that he was overall brilliant. History will prove the opposite!

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