Starmer will have upset a lot of people with his comments about Thatcher. How many will not vote Labour because of this is likely to be few. Of more importance is that he is not inspiring the non-voter to make the effort. His speech this afternoon is likely to emphasise the chaos that is the UK today. He will emphasise that there is no money to make huge changes. Whilst this may all be true there is te need for hope – I am not sure that starmer can deliver that energising magic touch. If all he can offer is the same old austerity without societal change he is not going to inspire. He will bang on about growing the economy when what he should be doing is promising a more equal society where all can feel that they have opportunities, where the inequalities given to the entitled few are diminished.

The election is likely to be fought (by the MSP at least) on migration and culture wars. So on migration can he broadcast the FACTS that migration is necessary due to the policies of this government and its Brexit obsession. Keep the focus on their failures and plans for future improvements. The Rwanda plans that involve circumventing international law must be met by total condemnation – and putting into context Asylum seekers are a tiny percentage of total migration.

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