It seems that the Conservative Party is on manoeuvres! Faced with near oblivion at the next e;ection several narratives are becoming apparent. Sunak is trying to distance himself from the policies of the last 13 years – promosing a new start, and planning for the future! As this is being done the likes of Braverman are making a play for leadership of a party that is far to the right of the traditional conservative (who was socially liberal). Attacks on the homeless and migrants are playing to a populist group with large funds based around Tufton Street. Whether “Middle England” will support this remains to be seen. Recent polls suggest that the Respect Party have a limited appeal – Farage is seen as a Johnson like leader for the present. Braverman would like to manoevre the Tory Party to the right to usurp Farage and leave a party of the right with diminished government roles. What is actually needed is increased government roles to enhance social cohesion.

Brilliant explanation of current conservative policy on x by supertanskii – worth a listen, also Dave lawrenvce is always good.

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