SUNDAY 11.11.23

Rememberance Day went by and over 300000 people marched for peace in Gaza. The only violence was by right wing thugs intent on creating mayhem at the march. Sunak equated that violence with te wearing of a pro-Hamas scarf bringing to mind the childrens rhyme, sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. He has still not sacked Braverman who really should be prosecuted for inciting violence. The Mail led with Michael Gove being ‘Jostled and abused by Pr0-Palestinian mob”, whilst the Express led with hate marchers on left and right – the thugs were not marching, and the 300000 showed no hate! But the slaughter of the innocents continues in Gaza.

Stop looking back is my message – history has been horribe to the Jews, but this is not to give a carte blanche to the slaughter of children. The Hamas slaughter was horrific – acts of war usually are- but there will come a time for negotiation. Israel will not be happy until there are no hamas members to negotiate with,; but then they will have to find a way to accomodate Palestians into the Middle East Region. The grieviances they are developing will not be easy for innocent Palestinians to forget.

France has allocated 1 billion euros to Polar climatic research over the next 6 years. In contrast our government is agreeing a new round of exploration licences for fossil fuel exploitation and the number of applications for new wind farms in England is zero! Time for this government, berefit of positive ideas, to call a general election.

America is politically interesting with events over the past week. Democrats won important elections across the country where campaigning on pro-abortion amongst other aspects were popular – yet Biden is less popular than the republican Trump. Maybe Biden needs to hand over the candidacy to a younger version? Biden seems to have got most of the big calls correct with the economy and the environment (not all – this is the USA we are talking about!). Will Gavin Newsom become a name we are familiar with?

In the UK the Supreme Court will rule on Wednesday on whether Brvermans Immigration Policies are legal. If not the ERG and cronies will be calling for the UK to leave the European Court of Human Rights.

Inflation – another thing I do not fully understand! If inflation rockets the government blames The Bank of England and anyone else it can think of. When inflation comes down it takes the plaudits! I thought the Bank of England interest setting committee was independant of government? So who do we credit with inflation falling?

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