Latest one was nice!

60g each papaya, mango and date (all chopped), 1 lemon juice, 130g brown sugar, 200g each plain flour, oats and butter. 20 mins at 180C. Sorted.

Next up today or tomorrow is a nut loaf – tomorrow probably as I need to consider options. Bread crumbs obviously, onion – cut into strips and caramelised; handful of sage and maybe parsley; garlic crushed; szechen pepper; an egg; 6 small tomatoes; mushrooms; marmite so only a touch of salt; nuts and seeds – not sure what nuts I have. And grated cheese on top?

Then Lemon Bars – argh I have lost the recipe – so I will make up something to use the lemons for – maybe just put lemon icing on cookies above! Maybe a pineapple something?

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