Interesting times? First of all Chile – 3rd in world league table of % vaccinated but has a spike in infections. This is put down to easing of restrictions too fast. Vaccination is not the answer, just part of the solution. Social distancing and mask wearing indoors, are probably here to stay for some years. Opening the doors for foreign travel would seem to be over optimistic (or culpable?) until the worldwide pandemic has abated. I think the theme time for the detective series in the 60’s was called ‘Softly, softly, catches monkey”. – Probably classed as racist now – but an approach favouring caution is needed.

Secondly the Astra Zeneca – definitely the most world friendly one, but would it have been approved under normal circumstances? Almost certainly not without caveats. But has it been a success? Apart from the 7 deaths and 23 other cases it has – without it, the number of deaths would have been thousands – but no solace for the deceased’s relatives. Given a choice I would want my children to have a Pfizer or Moderna one; but definitely have the jab.

There are still many things that are unknown – how long do the jabs work? Are they successful against variants, are they ok for children? What level of protection is necessary for ‘herd immunity”. – if this exists at all.

Brilliant – yesterday Maz, Rich and Erin and Adam came up -first time we have all been together since 2020 I think. No hugging, just sensible distancing, so hopefully all ok – patio door open all the time too. Cornwall and here have very low rates of the virus at present so I hope all is fine.

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