Councils across the country are warily looking over their shoulders to see if they are liable for equal pay claims. The Conservative MP’s who quickly tweeted that it was a labour run council problem have been shown up for the clowns they are Woking Conservative council being the latest to file a 114 notice. Even ASDA are facing a claim. Many schools and buildings are also facing claims for RAAC, fuel bill are higher than many will have budgeted for way back. Will we have any public services in the future? Swiming pools and libraries and youth clubs will be things of nostalga and a gentler age before Tory greed and austerity diminished the quality of life. And yet still the morons support the Nasty Party?

I am not happy with Starmer and his version of capitalism but would prefer Blairism (without the war rimes bit) over another 5 years of this ” Age of Incompetence”.

Sadly we are not alone with an incompetent government. Despite nature/climate (Earths bailiffs) knocking on the door with fire and floods, wind and fury, no one seems to be taking it seriously! Is there a trans-world policy of reactivism rather than being proactive? How bad does it have to get before countries have to make the drastic decisions that Covid forced upon us – lockdowns (for the plebs only of course).

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