So the UK is to rejoin the Horizon Project at a cost of £2.1bn. Presumably this was part of the funding which we said we would reclaim from Brussels with Brexit! How many more such deals will we need to do before we can return to the standards of 2016? Police co-operation and migrant return schemes come to mind? And Labour contiues to pander to red wall swing voters by refusing to counterance deals with Brussels.

As for the government – can it get any worse? First was the schools debacle which gets worse with every revalation of the way government withdrew funding. Then the prison break – with revalations of cuts in the prison service. Coffrey says that sewage discharges are nothing to do with DEFRA – it is all down to the Env.Agency -which is fully funded by DEFRA! What a pathetic excuse! Rather than the government spending £8million on photo’s of Charlie boy (what has he done for us in the last year?), if I am asked I will provide some tasteful desk notices for all government ministers stating the words of President Truman “The buck stops here”.

5 million single use vapes are disposed of every week – answer – ban them? Can it be difficult? I am surprised the govt. has not reacted more quickly – actually I am surprised that I just wrote that! What I was going to say was that it is younger people who vape, who do not vote or do not vote Conservative. Therefore a ban would not affect their polling potential … unless…… it was seen to cut profits??????

AND how many Conservative MP’s are tweeting about Woking council – considerably smaller than Birmingham, and with a £1.2billion debt forcing them to close a swimming pool, cut community welfare grants and basically everything that is not statutory.

The question for Sunak now is “How much longer can he and his pals milk the economy for all it is worth” before accepting the inevitable? Can he really believe that a turnaround of – well everything! happen in the next few months?

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