Rather than ‘Freedom Day’ banners and bullshit, would it not have been more responsible to emphasise that scientists are expecting one to two thousand hospital admissions and 100-200 daily deaths after the unlocking.

Sandford – a small village south of Bristol. Lots of building going on with Hinkley point related large scale works, new housing and Thatchers always rebuilding something. So lots of white van drivers, young males, this morning there was 100% wearing of masks, one guy did ask, and when told it was up to him he put the mask on. Later a lad in his 20’s who I know and like wandered into the shop maskless. `on seeing me he asked if he should be wearing a mask? This was a genuine comment of concern. Like a huge number of young people he does not watch the news or read a newspaper. Social media has not been used by the government to put out a sensible message.

So on this aspect caution needs to be paramount. On the other the number of people being told to self-isolate is increasing rapidly -1.6 million in a single week. Deliveries to my local store are missing large numbers of products (this may not be just Covid related, but due to Brexit and general labour shortages).

So we look for some leadership. Is there a plan which can ensure testing and continued work. Maybe adding the incentive of being vaccinated to ensure that quarantine is not required unless there is a positive test? We have to remember that 20% of adults have uninstalled the test and trace app (which incidentally has cost £37 million so far to set up and run for a year). And whilst vaccination rates have been amazing, it is still a fact that 46% have not had both jabs, and 31% no jab. This percentage is obviously higher for younger age groups, but in the under 40 age group the number not fully vaccinated is over 50% increasing to 85% of 18-24 year olds.

And let’s not be blas√© about the risks. Young people generally shake it off, but not all. Long Covid seems to be a phenomenum of growing concern. The age group with least protection so far from vaccination is also the one most likely to be in trace to face contact in hospitality and retail venues. Let alone the night clubs, etc..

It would be lovely if these (children!) could catch covid with no ill effects and become immune, but it is not as simple as that. There will be some who suffer greatly and maybe even die.

It seems to me that the government has given in to those who put profit before health, personal gratification before social responsibility. I guess there are those for whom night clubs are essential – but surely it would have been worth keeping them on furlough for a bit longer with this 4th wave of the Johnson variant rampaging. Interesting to not that the astrazeneca vaccine is only 10% effective at preventing mild symptoms (although still ok at stoping death) with the beta variant rampaging in southern ~africa.

Lastly, am I correct in saying that there has not been a new variant for a while? Is this good or concerning?

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