So new levels imposed. Apparently the IoW ferry has been fully booked with people avoiding restrictions – and the rate goes up – shock horror! Cornwall has also seen a 217% increase in the last 7 days. So why wait until Boxing Day – BoJo has no balls! Scotland has introduced travel bans, this seems like an obvious no-brainer! The 3 main roads into Cornwall should have road blocks to ensure essential only travel. And I repeat – impose shutdown over next 10 days and declare a public holiday for a couple of extra days at Whitsun or start of August.

And can BuffoonJ stop whining that Labour are not supporting him – any sensible PM would have created a coalition to deal with this crisis. Instead of which we are all denied fast access to the statistics and facts.

And for the bozo’s who ignore all advice on distancing we should publicise the following: ‘Criminally negligent homicide occurs when the perpetrator acts in a reckless, dangerous, or negligent manner which causes the death of another person.’

I am sure the government has enough lawyers to avoid the finger of guilt pointing at them when the verdict is given.

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