The governments introduction of ‘vaccine passports’ by stealth is not democratic. Venues and performers should be able, in most circumstances, make their own decisions on the restrictions they wish to place on customers. If a venue or event offers total access, and this is publicised, then so be it. I would not attend – but I would have made the choice.

Is this a way to encourage the unvaccinated to get the jab which is a large percentage of the under 40’s. If so it is dishonest. Why would someone in this age bracket who has no underlying health problems, and no vulnerable family, take even the minute risk of the jab. It seems that even those who do catch it rarely suffer major consequences. So the government needs to make the case clearly and concisely – not CoCo the clown jabbering on, or the sleaze balls of middle aged and older mediocrity that is this government. But advertising campaigns on social media which put the facts at the forefront, not personalities and lies.

Perhaps we should start with a traffic light system for all shops, clubs, restaurants etc. Red is masks and social distancing compulsory, amber for advised; green for no restrictions. This could be adapted for vaccination and test results. However decision have not been finalised and CoCo has been making U Turns before getting out of the drive! A commentator on the test events for night clubs stated that there had been no cases of infection – if this is true, the deceit becomes obnoxious.

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