Garden things – mid-June 2021

More mints ordered – I must stop! But Spanish, Tashkent and Indian ordered and some more Moroccan in case mine present one succumbs to the slug attack! I also got 6 lavender, a Scented Geranium Lady Plymouth, and a Lemon Verbena Golden Wind. I have also taken some basil from the greenhouse to harden up so that it can replace the ones eaten by the enemy. So I reckon about 50 herbs, of which half are mint. the coming weather system does not look particularly strong (although t&l predicted/maybe, and then followed by more dry weather.

Martin is coming round to strim the grass in places on Saturday, so I plant out some pot marigold and salvias when the ground is cleared a bit. I am not sure the chicory has come back – but next autumn I will clear a raised bed and think about what to put in.

One water butt is empty, but the other 2 are doing ok – hopefully a fill up later today. The hanging baskets are looking lush but still green at the moment – begonias and cosmos and nasturtiums. We will see what they look like?

Some tomatoes are developing – I must remember to feed them! Possibly some by the weekend although more likely by the end of the month. Maybe some raspberries, probably just to munch, but jam making planed for maybe tomorrow – strawberries a definite, and maybe some apricots if I can get some cheap enough. Or any other fruits. Strawberry jam with elderflower could be good.

I just bought 240 ltr of compost so should be ok to transplant some of the mints and the verbena and others to bigger pots. When I put plants in the ground they seem to be consumed by slugs or whatever, and overgrown by grass (is this me being lazy arse and not weeding? But I am learning and next year will have chickory and flax in greater numbers.

I think I might have enough basil for pesto – so off to Scoop and Spice for some pine nuts.

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