Well done to whoever is going for government tw@t of the week. A trade deal with a country just about as far away as possible – Can we introduce a green tax on unnecessary journeys. 13500 miles between Sydney and London (approx) – seems like a huge carbon imprint on our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. The government have repeatedly stated that they will not reduce environmental and animal husbandry levels for imports. So can someone tell me how an animal in Australia grown for slaughter can be cheaper than a similar animal in the UK. I fully understand how Scandinavian countries developed style and quality to compete in the world market. So will Australia be coming up with innovative new products, or just undercutting the British market. I heard some twat say that the deal would be good for the UK consumer. We know that economics is not a science but an art subject where the rules can be changed if you do not like them. So cheaper might mean more global warming, greater animal suffering, impacts on rural communities across the UK, and all for the vanity of two desperately needy politicians (Johnson and Morrison). Be honest – unless you want a genuine boomerang there is not much that we need from down under. OK – minerals which I think are not included in the deal (the industrial giants are bigger than the governments?.

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