I don’t get it! Analysis of global data shows that the UK has lagged behind the rest of the world in investment in renewable energy. Growth is approx. half of the rates in the rest of the world. The investment in solar panels on houses is largely at the cost of the installer and with a small subsidy the cost to government is negligible! Whist the National Grid seems to be having problems with connections a subsidy for homeowners to provide batteries would make sense. I know this favours the middle class homeowners – so that is why there should be a minimum standard of insulation with subsidies where necessary, and requirements put on landlords. Renewable energy supply to the Grid is running at near 50%. The government is giving grants to fossil fuel companies whist prohibiting them from claiming claw backs for renewables from the windfall tax!

As schools are mainly open during the day – solar panels should be oblicultry – f the spelling of that! – with batteries provided they could have “free energy” – probably equivalent to one or teachers salaries, plus a huge data base for maths and science lessons!

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