First Zac Goldsmith and now Andy Street have come out to warn against the retreat from Net Zero and environmental protection. With the tories still trailing badly in the polls it is surprising that more have spoken out against Sunak’s environmental back tracking.

First the Cabinet tried the attack on demonstrators via legislation, then they tried to demonise Labour as being the political wing of just stop oil. Unfortunately for them most people agree with philosophy of Greenpeace and Just Stop Oil if not the tactics used. I know there are plenty of hairy knob heads who don’t care as long as they can drive their cars and bikes along suburban streets at dangerous speeds.

But most people can see fires across Europe and elsewhere (and now floods and landslides in Norway), and make the link to climate change and burning fossil fuels. The governments response to Greenpeace’s harmless covering of Sunak’s house was frankly childish beyond measure. They will not talk to the group anymore and have ordered civil servants to cut links. Greenpeace provide valuable knowledge and data on many issues such as deep sea mining..

Latest reports show 90% British Rivers to be in a poor state. Sea quality at a number of resorts is too bad to swim. Labour has an opportunity here to crush the nasty party – is Starmer brave enough?

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