The ministers of this government seem to be under instructions to keep their mouths shut and stay away from the office, and definitely do not work from home! There have been fewer examples of gross incompetence recently but this maybe because Sunak has been plotting the biggest travesty of all. WHY are British forces joining the USA in attacks in the Middle East? Is it due to pressure from his mates in the oil industry who apparemtly are concerned about the reduction in their gigantuan profits? No doubt Starmerr will meekly follow in appeasing the capitalists? Where are NATO in this? Maybe the situaltion is too febril for them? My take on the situation is as follows.

The Houthi rebels of Yemen appear to have taken advantage of a paucity of understanding by the west to gain dominence in Yemen despite the attempts by Saudi Arabia backed by the west to overthrow their rule. By choosing to ignore the war crimes perpetuated by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank the west have increased support for the Shia groups supported by Iran. Israels annexation of Gaza and the West Bank have drawn uncomfortable parallels with the colonial record of the UK and its replacement (capitalist USA). The UK government has tried to disassociate the actions of the Houthi with those taking place in Gaza whilst showing minimal empathy with Palestinians. Whilst the EU has also been broadly supportive of Israel (no doubt due to the historical aspects of guilt regarding the holocaust) they have not joined in with the American led attacks on Yemen.

So what is the motive for the UK stance and involvement? Recent reports of the lack of capability of the British armed forces would normally play to the TorybGammons, but with little financial heft available it maybe that Sunak is playing the long game politically. It is apparent that despite Starmers lack of popularity with the public he seems odds on to win a landslide at the General Election. This being so it would seem prudent from a Conservative viewpoint to sabotage the economy to ensure that Labour cannot improve the situation thus creating a vacuum for the right wing in the near future. Is this a conspiracy theory? It would seem to have much evidence to back it up!

So Sunak creates a “war situation” with British interests directly attacked by Iran backed rebels in the Middle East, Russia and China show support for these groups thus enforcing a massive increase in military spending. Labour can only extricate itself by appearing to appease terrorism. The economy is a;ready shattered by Brexit although Badenoch continues to extol success stories like the export of honey to Saudi Arabia (unverified) and pet food sales to India (unfathomable!).

Public services are at breaking point across every sector and plans for future investment by Labour will have to be put on hold due to deteriorating finances. Will Labour be brave enough to introduce press reforms immediately they gain office? It seems unlikely as they seem to be courting big business and capitalism wholeheartedly. My belief is not that we need to grow the economy – but that we need to nurture a sustainable economy and redistribute wealth equably.

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