I am very disappointed at the stance taken by Keir Starmer on many issues. Primarily I feel nausea at the lack of a firm line against Israels genocidal ambitions in Gaza and the West Bank.

Regarding the £28billion green investment I am hopeful that the public pressure to maintain this investment will prevail early in te next Parliament. Here the Labour Party need to set out clearly the long term benefits. It is interesting to see what the Labour Party in Wales are recommending regarding the unfair council tax. As taxes go it would seem to offer the least possibility for evasion. No readjustments have been made since its introduction in England. Some obvious bits – 5 categories is too low, I think Wales are recommending 12 which seems about right. They should do away with the single person discount. There are many reforms necessary for Local Councils, including a salary cap!

However the Labour Party disappoint me I will support them in the sole intention of getting rid of the shitwhow we have at the present. The Tories seemto be intent on leaving the country in the worst possible situation. Any incoming Labour administration will have a myriad of problems and obstacles to over come. Every aspect of government should be overhauled within 12 months.

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